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War of Six Kingdoms

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Select one from Unique six kingdoms, and make full use of strategies and tactics to lead to the continent unification !War of Six Kingdoms is a war game in which your object is to dominate the Vesquire continent.In the game, various units are appeared. For example, there are Knight, Crossbowman, Mage, Golem, Skelton, Ninja, Drake, etc.
Game is repeated for each turn the strategy phase and the invasion phase.Battle will occur in invasion phase.
・Real-time strategy battleAt battle, simulation of tactical battle is seen. Battle will progress by auto basically. But if you touch the ally unit, can order to it directly.Unit can move within square of 7×5. Tactics selecting what unit and putting it on where place, is required.
Morale will affect the damage, or affect success probability of some of the magic. For example, its morale will fall when unit was attacked or when the commander is defeated. When HP is low and morale is less than 20, the unit will begin to escape without listening to orders.
If an unit of proximity type attack from the side or back of an opponent, its attack will be difficult to avoid and an opponents morale will lower.
Use of skills may change a state of the war. There are support skills, disturbance skills, various range attack, healing skills, etc.
・Turn-based strategy phase and invasion phase.- Move: Move corps from one base to another base you control.- Organization: Levy can do up to 9 units by corps. This costs money and labor. levy from a base reduce its population.- Drill: Raise morale of units, and they gain experience. If experience is increased, unit will be more stronger. This costs money and labor.- Construction: By construct a facility, you will gain a variety of benefits. For example, there are increase of food production, increase defense by wall, increase restore point, increase unit you can levy, etc. This costs money and labor.- Spy: If spy succeeded, you can see the information of the enemy corps and bases. Wall defense can be disabled by the bribe of spy. This costs money and labor.- Procurement: Buy items to develops in your favor at battle.- Invasion: Invasion occur at same time in the Vesquire continent. Battle occur when the corps collide with the enemy base or enemy corps.Battle is done on a one-to-one by the selected corps, victory or defeat is determined by this.
・Feature:- 6 playable kingdoms- 36 commanders and 60 unique soldiers- 24 bases- 7 types of unit- 60 skills- 3 difficulty levels- penalty for number of occupied bases- kingdom locations will set randomly when new game is started- auto save slot and 18 save slots (Save data is saved in internal)
・Available languages- English- Japanese
・Minimum Required OS VersionAndroid 4.0.3